well i joined back in december after hearing about this site through a fellow forum member of another site. i original got on various mtn bike forums from taking photos of a friend of mine and posting them up for him. eventually, i started getting more interested in the actual riding aspect (though my love is still first with photographing mtn bikers). i am going to school for massage therapy and hope to focus my career in the sports/athletic areas. i went on my first real trail ride a couple of weeks ago while on vacation in TX. It was a blast. didn't realize how frightening it would be...the teeter totter was fantastic...the times i hit it dead on. i had one major spill with it and one root kicked my butt and sent me tumbling down a little hill...but all in all it was a great time riding and i hope to continue here once the warmer weather gets here. although, i don't have anyone to ride with...and though i've been to trumbull and mianus...it was to take photos...so i don't know the trails well enough to ride alone. i live in stratford, CT...divorcing with 2 kids.

oh...and my bike...we don't want to go there. it's at least 10 years old and bought at a sports store. it is completely different than the bike loaned to me in texas!

here's video of some of my rides in TX...