An ancient volcano which has rested peacefully for thousands of years in Southern NH is gurgling with the prospect of major consequences.
Local officials have been watching this crater closely for over two years and feel the time is right for activity. The first shattering of silence from this crater came just months ago and the intensity has been building since.

Experts believe this Sunday we will see the first part of the surface become exposed and major surface eruption should begin on May 22nd and last two full days.

Local authorities have indicated there is nothing to be concerned about and in fact are inviting the public to witness this fracture of the Earth's surface.

Of course your all welcome to grab a shovel, rake, pick mattock, rock bar or similar tool and help crack the surface, on the new 2.2 mile singletrack trail at this ancient volcano at Pawtuckaway State Park.

Yes it's true, the hot molten force which is about to erupt is known as the Seacoast Chapter of NEMBA! And we have permission to construct a new trail, laid out by cyclist, at the park. In fact we have applied for and received, by the State of NH Trails Board (great people), a grant for $4000.00 to help build the bridges, boardwalks and acquire tools required for the construction of this trail.

Pawtuckaway Mountain really is an ancient volcano, the park has three peaks, North, South and Middle Mountains which are in a semi-circle that make up the remaining high points opposite of where the lava once flowed.
We will be working in the crater area and it is a unique part of the park which is quite amazing.

Lava Flow!
The first eruption of activity will take place Sunday, April 25. Important Kick-off to this great new trail!

This is where it gets really good, mark your calendars!
On the weekend of May 22/23 we are going hot molten lava! Two days of trail building to get this trail completed. Free camping Friday and Saturday nights for all volunteers. Ride after Saturdays work is done and a free BBQ Saturday night!
It's shaping up to be a great time!

We are also planning two wrap up days in case we need them, June 6 and Sept 26.
If we wrap up the trail construction prior to the Sept date I will offer to lead an epic on the 26th for all who helped make this trail a reality!

All trail dates will start at 9:00.
Directions: Take 101 to exit 5, Raymond. Head north on 107, till it Tís at the Irving Gas and make a left. Look to make almost an immediate right onto 156. Take 156 for about a mile, be looking on your left for a big brown Pawtuckaway SP sign and make a left onto Mountain Rd. Follow Mountain Rd for 1 Ĺ - 2 mi. to the park entrance on your left. The main parking lot and headquarters will be to your right. We will meet there.

Leave a reply here if you have a question or are planning on attending so we know how many folks to plan for!