You guess the age. I raced BMX when Harry Leary, Stu Thompson, Greg Hill (not the local DJ), and the Anderson & Patterson brothers were on top. I bought the movie 'Rad' on laserdisc from hard earned paperoute $$$ while in High School. I bought my first 'mountain bike' when I was in college, a sweet ass Bridgestone 600. The year I graduated college, I saw Johnny T wipe out at Mt. Snow after a dumb ass fan was on the course. When I finally moved out of the 'rents basement and started to make some coin, my first FS was a 1993 Proflex 953. That sucker was close to 2k in in 1993, I guess you had to spend 2G's to get 2 inches of travel back then.

Yea, I'm older than most of the ba$tards on BS.