Has anyone had to deal with large, dense stands of saplings when cutting new single track?
The land that the new trail is going on was logged some years ago, and now big sections are covered with incredibly thick, wall like, need a #*%! machette to get through, stands of 6'-10' pine saplings. In laying out the trail, I've tried to skirt around them when I can, but some sections are just going to have to go through.
I'm thinking the actual cutting & removal of the saplings will be just like any other; cut the trunk & dig out the little stump (so you don't have to deal with punji sticks after the trail gets packed down) we'll just have tons to cut & dig. And drag out, it's too thick in there to toss the cut ones off the trail.
*But* I can't help thinking that I am overlooking something. ???
I've looked through all my trail books, and this issue is not addressed, so maybe it is not anything to worry about. Any input would be appreciated.