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Kingdom Trails this weekend

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  • Kingdom Trails this weekend

    Anybody ride the KT this week? My b/f and I planned a trip there for this weekend and it's looking like it's gonna rain. The KTA website indicates they might be closing the trails this weekend. Was wondering if anyone whose ridden the trails recently might have some feedback as to how muddy it really is up there.


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    Re:Kingdom Trails this weekend

    I was up there over Memorial weekend.
    We were able to ride everything except some parts of Burke mtn and the new freeride trail (closed).
    All of the trails on Darling Hill Side drain real well & were in GREAT shape (and if you recall, Vermont got a ton of rain that week).
    The few trails that were open on Burke side were muddy/wet in spots, and a bit challenging (roots) on Saturday, but by Sunday they were in pretty good shape. They include the Moose Alley series of trails and all of those real fun rides coming down off the access road going up Burke. All in all, we had the same kind of "trail closure" as our planned weekend approached, but ended up riding way more then we had planned to. With luck, you may get the same situation, and get some great rides in.
    Or, you could always make a trip to millstonehill in Barre to get some MTBing in - they are less prone to closure, b/c their trails drain well:
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      Re:Kingdom Trails this weekend

      I recently rode at Millstone (5/27). And although I had a great day, the trails closest to the center were a muddy mess! At one point, I was ready to bail, but was talked out of it, thankfully so. The further away you get from the center, the better the conditions. This is a place that ONE DAY, might give the KT a run for its money. Unfortunately, the trails are not very beaten down and a little squishy in spots. All in all, worth a visit.

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