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  • KT first timer?

    Heading to KT for the 1st time. Going for a week around July 1st.

    I'm looking for some suggestions...below here's what I'm looking to do, any advice is welcome.

    For me, one day I'd like to get a nice long ride...about 8 hrs with some good flow. Where should I start?

    Another day...Id like a simple XC ride with flow to bring my kids. Capable riders but they are only 7 & 9. I'm thinking some fun flowy stuff and maybe a pump track.... Suggestions?

    Finally...Id like to do a gravity ride, not DH or FR. Do they have lifts and a trail that can give me this? It would be cool to bring the kids on this ride too if possible.

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    1. Start in town. Ride up the mountain, then come down via Dead Moose and Moose Alley. Cross over up by White School and work your way south to the Darling Hill side. Plenty of options to hit as you work your way south (some you might want to loop back on and hit twice, Troll Stroll, Tap & Die, etc.) Once you've done Sidewinder a few times start heading back to town.

    2. There is a pump track right in town, and plenty of low key stuff up on Darling Hill. You might want to park up there at the Inn so the kiddies don't have to climb the hill.

    3. Burke has plenty of gravity stuff that is a bit more on the tame side for mere mortals. Any of the trails marked intermediate should be reasonable if you watch your speed.