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quit moving the blockade at Yudicky

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  • quit moving the blockade at Yudicky

    the main trail leading into the spaghetti bowl on the lovewell pond side has been closed due to erosian. I have repeadedly blocked this off and posted signs only to have them ripped down and the blockade moved onto the new bypass.
    We are able to ride there because of our agreement with the conservation committee. This trail is not sustainable and will remain closed permanantly. If you persist in moving ths blockade we could be locked out of the whole area.
    Plus I could be fixing the other bridges and trails instead of doing this over and over.
    If you are the person doing this please stop. If you know who it is tell them to stop, all they are doing is making the rest of us look bad to the people in charge

    Dan Sloan

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    its only the 50yd entrance to spaghetti bowl thats closed and there is a re route
    the rest of the trails are open and dry