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    Hey Gang,

    Looking for some info about Horse Hill in Merrimack. How is it compared to the likes of Yudicky or RM?
    Worth driving up from the Boston area for? Easy enough to find your way around without a local?


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    I did some riding over there earlier this season. There was some fast stuff nothing too technical that i could find but i heard there was some but i could not find it. I have only found one person,who works in a shop in manchester NH That knows it very well. Worth the trip?? MVNEMBA is a very active group with great rides in their area. May be worth the trip to their places.


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      I live in Merrimack and frequent the trails at horse hill. Most of the trails consist of a mix of double track and some single track. Good for about 1.5 hours worth of riding if you do loop trail, and ledges. There is some newer single track that has just been added but is not posted or on the map yet. The "new trail" is fantastic single track. Not sure I would trek up from Boston to Merrimack for just Horse hill but if you did horse hill and then hit FOMBA in Manchester that would be worth a trip.


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        My work recently relocated to Nashua from Concord, found Yudicky and Horse Hill this fall/winter. Both are fun for lunch hour power rides. Horse Hill definately more double track fast trails although the new unmapped singletrack (off the Loop trail near the Ledges trail) mentioned above I recently discovered too. My compliments to whoever laid out and built it. Reminds me of trails at Franklin Falls. May not be worth a special trip but it is definately a fun place to ride for an hour or 2. Also fun on ice and studs ;-)


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          I took some video biking around Horse Hill today. Found the new single track and rode it for the first time.. quite fun.


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            I've ridden horse hill. If you are looking for a few hours hour of fun I think you are probably better served in LD.


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              I will give tours out there anytime. I am the builder over at HH. Just PM me.
              A few more trails and it will be a 2 hour destination. I am trying to get singletrack around ALL of the doubletrack.
              We are in the process of getting a NEW, better map together too but that takes time.
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