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Ride recommendation near Northampton

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  • Ride recommendation near Northampton

    Going to be there early next week. Are there any noteworthy spots in the area?

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    tree, just go across the river and hit Mt. Holyoke Range:

    Also great, but need more driving: Wendell State Forest and infamous Charlemont Trail System

    And many others. Just one great area to mtb.



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      Thanks Pete. I did stumble across that area. Will definitely check it out.


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        So the map I gave you link for is just technical half of the story on Mt. Holyoke- it is called and you access from "Batchelor Street" in Granby.

        On Rte 116, you can park on The Notch and bike on the other side of the road on a system similar in length but mostly flowy stuff called Earl's Trails.

        There are riders on both sides almost all the time so most likely you will bump into someone who can give you a tour.
        have fun


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          When you going to be here?
          I have flexibility next week and would be happy to give you a tour of great local stuff midweek. Maybe even some new great stuff right in Northampton.
          On a related note, the CTS 'Whole Enchilada Ride' was moved form Sat to Sunday, if you are around. I am driving up from Northampton for the 6-hour ride if you want a lift. (there are shorter ride options too)
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