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Freetown State Forest / SE Mass Bioreserve new map

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  • Freetown State Forest / SE Mass Bioreserve new map

    Hey, I just found out that the Trustees of Reservations have been working on a comprehensive map of the SE Mass Bioreserve.

    The bioreserve is a conglomeration of protected land including Freetown/FR state forest, Copicut Woods, the Fall River Watuppa watershed Reservation, and other municipal lands. At 13,000 acres its pretty huge for eastern MA. All of it is open to bikes.

    Not only have they made this fantastic map (I've pored over it, all the trails are there), but they have set up a numbered intersection system similar to Wompatuck and TOT.

    Unfortunately the trail markers are not up yet, but the guy I spoke with said within a couple of months the signs should be up.

    I've got a couple of pics to share. The map is 16" by 24", so its decent size.

    Click image for larger version

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    This shot shows the numbered intersections better.

    Click image for larger version

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    Anyway, I'd like to prune back some of the trails and cut some blowdown, maybe a little leafblowing later in the season. Just try to get the trails cleaned up by the spring. I've got some people interested in helping out over on MTBR, but figured I'd post up here too.

    I'm thinking maybe a group pruning ride sometime in October. I can ride the trails until then and identify trails that are getting overgrown, then go back with a bunch of guys and get as much done as possible. I'll be working on this all winter, once the ice cream shop closes. So if you ride Freetown or just like pruning let me know, I'll keep this thread updated.

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    I ride Freetown quite a bit and I'm down to help out. I have a chainsaw to offer also if needed.


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      Cool, I think we talked in a similar thread about a year ago.

      Do you hike or ride with your saw? If ride, then how do you secure it? I've got a saw, but I'm trying to figure out a way to ride with it.

      I may try to get out there Saturday afternoon.


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        I picked up a Dakine "Builders Pack". It works great. I have a fairly large saw and it holds it very well and keeps it stable while riding.

        Saturday afternoon might work for me but won't know for sure until Friday.


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          Nice, I hadn't seen those before. I just ordered one for myself. I'd been debating ordering a Bob trailer, but I have 3 bikes and none of them have a regular 135 mm skewer in the rear, so I would have had to build up an old POS frankenbike just to haul it around. The builders pack solves that dilemma.

          I'm not sure I can get out Saturday now either. Possible in-law obligation.


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            Well I have Saturday afternoon free so I'll be riding/pruning the Copicut trails. If you (or anyone else) want in just let me know.


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              I think I can make it...sent you a PM.


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                Hey all,

                I'm bumping this thread and wanted to post up that we're gonna have a trail maintenance ride on Sunday October 21. I'm gonna tentatively say around 9am and we'll leave from the Copicut Woods parking lot on Yellow Hill road. We've got several miles of trails completely cleared of blowdowns and pruned out. The plan is to head north and ride the stuff thats done, then start pruning the next bunch of trails.

                Hopefully we can get a bunch of guys out there and get these trails looking good. These aren't the usual Freetown trails, the stuff we're working on is in the center/south end of the bioreserve and don't get moto'd nearly as much. The trails are generally narrower and more remote feeling than the ledge and ranger station areas. If you'd like to help out or just get out there and ride what we've done so far, just let me know.

                Here's a map of the area. Pink is what we've already done, yellow is next on the list and the blue is stuff to be done in the future.

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                  Another bump and just letting everyone know that out trail care ride is still on for 9 am this sunday the 21st. Meeting at the Copicut Woods main parking area on Indian Town road. I put yellow hill road in the above post, but thats incorrect. The parking lot is on Indian Town road. Directions at the official Copicut Woods web page.


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                    We've got the trail care ride going on tomorrow at 9am if anyone feels like coming for a ride and pruning out some trails. I've got myself and 4 others confirmed so we should be able to get a couple of miles pruned out. Leaving from the Copicut Woods parking lot on Indian Town Road.


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                      We had a great trail care ride this past weekend. Seven guys showed up including Bill Boles. We got a lot done and the Copicut trails are clearer than they've been in years.

                      In other news, I attended the SE Mass Nemba meeting on Monday night and they voted me VP of Freetown SF. It was that easy, I didn't even have to campaign. That in turn motivated me to go visit the head ranger. He was pumped that there are mountain bikers doing some maintenance. He has only 2 guys at his disposal and has to manage Freetown, Profile rock, dighton rock SP, Acushnet cedar swamp and a couple of other properties, no wonder he has no time for trail maintenance. He pretty much told me he doesn't ever get out on the trails and that I should prune away to my hearts content.

                      Then I headed down to the Watuppa reservation to talk the guy in charge of the Fall river water supply land and basically the overseer of the bioreserve. He was also happy to have mountain bikers helping out and seemed very pro bike. He mentioned he needed a volunteer to put up the trail markers, so I volunteered. I'm excited to get these markers up.

                      He is also planning a Bioreserve ribbon cutting event for next spring to unveil the new map and trail marking system and really wants to include mountain bikes. Maybe a Nemba fun ride?

                      Thinking about another Trail Care Ride, possibly November 18? The Sunday before Thanksgiving. Probably the last official one of the year. I'm leaning towards pruning the Massassoit Trail and some of the trails leading up to Profile rock. It's stuff the Moto's don't ride and is good for riding and hiking. A good PR ride too as it would start from the Ranger station.


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                        I've created a new thread on MTBR with latest news and a map of currently maintained trails . Check it out here: