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  • Otis Question

    Several months ago I read somewhere that there's a see saw at Otis. I've been riding there regularly for about 6 months now and haven't come across it. Can anyone point me to it?

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    Been gone for a while. It used to be right at the beginning (or end depending on which way you were going) of the little halfpipe over near 151. The base for the seesaw became a jump off the top of the halfpipe (for better technical riders than I) and the board was used to make nearby "Mr Big" rock a bit easier to get up on.


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      Thanks. I was wondering if there was an area I haven't found yet.


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        Be careful if you use the halfpipe and come in from the top and hit the "new" jump (about a month old now) at the bottom.
        The person who made this made it so you don't see the 4 foot deep hole behind the jump.
        When I hit the jump I wasn't going fast enough to clear the hole.
        So now I have a new helmet and a new bike and my head still hurts because of this hole.


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          I haven't been there since the spring so I'll wait to pass judgement, but it sounds like this new jump is poorly built and in a stupid spot, if I'm imagining it right. The halfpipe was quite fun as it was, sucks that people have to dig holes to build dumb jumps. Anyway, its fall, I'll be riding there soon and I won't hit it before I scope it out. Thanks for the warning shark.


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            Sorry about the header intershark - that really sucks.

            Icecream - The jump has no effect on the "half pipe" (that name makes the spot sound way cooler than it is, but it gets the point across). I kind of doubt anyone would be able to hit it without scoping first because it's kind of off the trail - you really would need to know it's there in order to line it up because it's kind of an awkward line. Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe that's why intershark hit it so slowly. And maybe I'm just too old to hit something without looking at it first.

            I hope whoever built it won't be discouraged from further efforts. Kind of makes me feel like I should get off my bike and try to improve the area too.
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              There have been a lot of new stunts built up there in recent years, most of it on new trail offshoots, or at least to the side of the old trails. It almost seems like a new generation of riders has come along to put their stamp on the area, while some of the "older" riders like me aren't riding in there as much.
              We used to do a Sunday morning group ride in there that was absolutely the weekly highlight of my week. But people move on (in more ways than one).


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                Tree, thats good to hear. Like I said, I haven't been there since the spring so I haven't seen anything brand new, but is good that somebody's working to improve things.

                I do try to bring hand tools with me when I ride, cut out blowdowns or prune annoying branches. Did a bunch of cutting last year after the storm, though Otis didn't get hit too badly. I used to do a lot more work out there, a buddy and I built a few small trails and a bunch of stunts that have since rotted away (live and learn, they were poorly built, but fun for awhile) Seemed like the glory days were when Mitch from True Wheel cycles was building out there. He had an old lawnmower he left out there. He would just fire it up and mow away, ride it a few dozen times (few hundred?) and presto, instant trail.

                Still love Otis though, gonna get out there soon.