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  • Hale Reservation Bike Series

    Hey folks...

    We are looking to start a Mtn. Bike Series at Hale Reservation this May/June and continue in the fall.

    Please let me know:
    * Have you ridden here before?
    * Would you like to lead some of these?
    * When do you typically ride? Days/Times?
    * what is your skill level? Beginner? Advanced? Expert?

    If you are not familiar with Hale, we are a private, non-profit organization with over 1,130 acres of land and 21 miles of trails. We host many summer camps during the weekdays between mid June and late August so most trails are closed during m-f 8am to 4pm, but are open 7 days a week from sun up to sun down.

    Give me a shout if you are interested in attending/leading any of these events this spring or fall.

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to chatting/meeting/riding with folks in the future!

    James Reinhold
    Hale Reservation
    781-326-1770 Ext. 15

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    I've been riding the Hale/Noanet Trails for 20 years. I normally ride weekdays after work, staring about 4:30- 5 pm. I prefer to park on Powissett St, but the Caryl Park lots near the tennis courts (Noanet Woods) can hold more cars. Wouldn't mind leading a ride.


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      I really enjoy Noanet and Hale combination rides...great single track that is fast at times, but technical and tough as well.

      I'd support the idea of mountain biking as a real attraction for the park and its increased exposure to the public. I could contribute time, trail work, etc.

      I'd be curious about night riding at Hale, especially near the water and away from the camps if folks were sleeping/camping then.

      BTW...I'm a little confused by the above: "so most trails are closed during m-f 8am to 4pm, but are open 7 days a week from sun up to sun down". Which is it? I've never had a problem riding during the week, especially on the outskirts, but also ride on the weekend.


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        I haven't rode there yet but you got me interested. I work in Randolph until 6 but can get out earlier sometimes. I'd be interested in either going along for some led rides or helping out in some way


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          Hey Folks! THanks for replying and sorry for the lack of responses.
          To say the least, things have been quite crazy around here and unfortunately the MB Trail series is being delayed until the fall. I hope to post here this summer to let folks know dates and times.

          To answer a few questions...

          Frossi - Great to hear! I will be in touch regarding this in the summer/fall.

          GNR - Fantastic! I am sure we will host a couple "Clean Up dates to prep some trails". Many will be worked on during the summer by the Mountain Biker crew! Again, I will be in touch regarding this over the summer/fall. IN regards to the Closed, not closed...The basic rule is that program areas during the week are closed to the public. We do let folks "ride through" but request that they find an alternate route if possible. Riding on the outskirts is fine. Weekends are fine as there are typically no programs happening. Night riding is not allowed as the reservation is closed to the public after 8pm.

          PK1 - Thanks for your interest and again, I will repost/contact folks in the summer/fall regarding times.


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            Summer Instructors for Camp

            So...I just had one of my MB Staff back out at the last minute. Is there anyone that might be interested in working for the summer, 6/18-8/17 M-F, 8am to 4pm? please let me know by contacting me at 781-326-1770 or via email @

            I look forward to hearing from you soon.


            James Reinhold
            Summer Camp Director
            Hale Reservation