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  • Braintree

    I think i read in an issue of Singletracks that there are some new trails in Braintree/Quincy in a city park that SE MA NEMBA worked on, but the online archive ends May 2011. Could someone post an address to that park?

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    Eaton's Pond is just across the tracks from this location. Check it out! No map yet, but it's a smallish landlocked parcel bordered by the RR and wetlands. Lots of rocks to play on and twisty singletrack of which the mileage is increasing daily....
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      Are there any trails that start around the baseball fields off of Faxon Park Rd or on Alton rd or commercial st? I'm thinking of getting there on the T by the Quincy Center or Quincy Adams stops.

      Also, are there any authorized trails through pond meadow park?


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        I think all the trails in PM Park are open. You could get to Eaton's from Faxon(there are a few trails in there) but I've only done it once--there's an opening behind some condos and from there its all parking-lot bingo to get all the way down--so far. That's all Quincy, which we haven't dealt with yet....
        Otherwise, from Faxon you could ride the road up and over Penn's Hill (Franklin/Commercial St) to the tracks, go left and ride the RR right-of-way till you see a trail on the right. Just be aware that it is a live RR track.
        If you worried about falling off the bike, you'd never get on.--Lance Armstrong


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          I was back at Pond Meadow the other day walking. Quite a few bikes out so it looks open. I checked the website and it does say biking is allowed. There were a lot of families, kids, slow walkers, etc so I'm thinking they mean more recreational biking than hardcore riding. Probably just keep the speed real down but otherwise it looks okay.
          I work in Randolph and have some friends over by Faxon. Hadn't thought to ride there but now that I know Eaton is there, maybe I'll have to check them both out soon. Thanks for the updates!


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            PK1 Yeah! Check it out!
            We are having a NEMBA Trail Care Day there this weekend:

            Saturday April 28, will be the Eaton's Pond cleanup, where we have three objectives for the day:

            1) Ideally we will have a crew 'combing' the trails with gravel rakes and hoes to ensure that they are glass-free and clear of rusty metal.

            2) Hauling debris in 5-gallon buckets and wheel-barrows to a central location for pickup. We may have an ATV and driver to use which will make it easier

            3) Continue cutting new trails for increased mileage!

            Meet at the jersey barrier next to the pond at 8 am
            Wear heavier footwear, clothing and gloves.
            Eye protection and tick repellent highly recommended
            Bring your favorite rake, hoe, trail saw, or loppers
            We'll work 'til approx 11AM
            If you worried about falling off the bike, you'd never get on.--Lance Armstrong



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              Thanks for the info. I like to ride from the top to the bottom of places, so I was thinking of starting from Quincy Center, over to Faxon Park, through Eaton Pond to Pond Meadow, down to the bottom of Ames Nowell, and taking the commuter rail from Brockton or Abington back home. Assuming that I don't get lost and end up crawling back on Washington St., which is what seems to happen each time I try one of these ambitious rides.


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                SteveC, I'm definitely interested. Something cool about being involved with new trails, especially in such a busy and populated area. One problem is I drive 45 min each day to get to work and Eaton's is probably an hour from me. I'm going back and forth debating if I want to/can be up that early and drive that far. No promises but you got me interested!

                And Coremac, good luck! Quite an ambitious ride man.


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                  I second the opinion that time and distance are a disincentive to showing up. As I have posted in another thread, i would have much more enthusiasm for organized events if they didn't mean being somewhere at 9 AM, especially after doing it for the previous 5 days.


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                    Having to drive an hour to a trail work day is generally farther than I'd expect to go too. Keep an eye out for a more local day and you'll be much happier. Or, even better, if there's no one involved already, get to know the local land managers and ask if you can organize your own trail day. It's not hard to do, and there are plenty people here who would be glad to guide you through the process....
                    As for the time, experience has told us that most volunteers would rather start the day in the woods....also rewarding is being able to spend some of the afternoon riding new or rehabbed trails!
                    If you worried about falling off the bike, you'd never get on.--Lance Armstrong



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                      Originally posted by SteveC View Post
                      Eaton's Pond twisty singletrack of which the mileage is increasing daily....
                      Steve, do you ever ride with a smartphone or GPS device? You can save GPS tracks as .gpx files that can be downloaded by other riders. That could be a temporary map, at least for other riders with the tech to use it.


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                        Nah, I just have a dumb phone and I don't use a GPS....
                        We do have a temporary GPS map of Eaton's pond though. It will probably be added to the NEMBA 'places to ride' soon. Until then, if anyone here wants a copy, I'll email it to you.
                        If you worried about falling off the bike, you'd never get on.--Lance Armstrong