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New to the area looking for flow

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  • New to the area looking for flow

    Yo all,

    Im new to the region and i'm looking for trails with some flow in the southern Maine area. So far I've ridden the Rt 1 side of Lynn Woods (parked at Fat Cactus) - no flow. Mt Agemeticus 2nd and 3rd hill - no flow.

    Not to sound like a pussy, but is everything out here this rocky? you cant build up any momentum on this stuff!

    I'm going to try Ft Rock tonight, any suggestions for loops with some flow?


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    Well, if you park at the Oaklands parking lot (if coming off 101 head towards Newfields off the ramp), it's fairly rocky for a bit. Follow all Right turns on the red loop. After the power lines it gets a little less rocky but you will run back into it. If you park at the Henderson-Swasey lot (if coming from 101 head towards Exeter off the ramp) follow green and blue, it's less rocky with a few fast spots, but it's also shorter.

    I mean, it is called fort rock, so don't be to

    Trail map:




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      Welcome to New England!
      If you worried about falling off the bike, you'd never get on.--Lance Armstrong