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Tarrywile or Bennetts Pond?

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  • Tarrywile or Bennetts Pond?

    I might have an overnight in Danbury later this week for work. If I do, I was thinking of bringing my bike and hitting a trail while in the area. I would probably go first thing Thursday morning. Can someone recommend a spot - Tarrywile, Bennetts Pond or someplace else? Which would be best for a short ride (60-90min), someone who doesn't know the trails? I would also appreciate info on the current condition of those trails. The trails near my house here in MA still have many water crossings and some standing water - rideable, but only because I know where to go and where not to go.

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    Does Tarrywile still exist?? Damn, that brings me back to 1998, when that was the place to ride near danbury (and Huntington still had all those teeter totters on the rogue Dodge Rd trails). And Fahnstock was still open to bikers (and that place was great!), and Ninham was just getting started…How popular is Tarrywile these days?/ It was a pretty rugged urban park landscape in the day, I loved it, but todays kid's don't like that bony stuff.