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Tire "size" vs. rim width

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  • Tire "size" vs. rim width

    Just picked up a pair of Continental 29r X King tires. They are labeled as 2.4" tires. On the stock rims on my Santa Cruz TallBoy they measure a whopping 2.1". Not at all what I had hoped for. :-( The outer width of my rims is .9". The stock "2.1 tires" measure a bit under 2" on a slightly wider rim. At least that is sort of close to what is claimed.

    My question I guess, is whether rim width hugely effects final tire width or whether Continental is just full of ... claiming a 2.4" width.

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    wider rims will roll it out a bit, but it more rolls the side walls out. I'm running Velocity P-35 rims and used Conti tires for yrs. Loved them other than the tread face is narrow leaving the sidewalls exposed with the wider tires. I ran a 2.2 Xking last yr on the rear in the snow and it worked just as well as anything I've used before short of a studded.

    Conti's expand over time, lightly over inflate them for the 1st month or so when you're not riding ( I used around 40-45lbs) will help stretch them faster. I had 2 sets of Mtn kings, a race king and a Xking and they all came close to the spec after some time, thou never quite all the way and my rim is over 2x wider than yours. Your rim is thin, thinner than the standard from your spec (.9inch = 22.4mm most stock are 24mm -ish )
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      Conti's are notoriously under sized.


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        Thanks guys! Regardless of size the tread pattern of the X king should be way better than the stock ones!


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          Grab some Maxxis Ardents in a 2.4 or some of the new On-One tires if you want volume and burl.
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