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Large Riders - What seat post do you use?

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  • Large Riders - What seat post do you use?

    Yesterday I saw that my seat post is noticeably bent back. It's enough that I can not push the post in past where it currently is. This is an Easton EA50 350 length 27.2 post that I bought new early this year (May/June) when my bike's original post bent about 45 back after a poor landing off a tiny drop. It's not top of the line, but it should last more than 3-4 months.

    The first one I chalked up to the fact that I was riding with it right at the min insertion line. The Easton, however, is a lot longer, had a lot more post in the frame, and was not at min insertion.

    I ride a lot of XC, including moderate obsticles, but I'm not into big stunts, freestyle, dirt jumping, or anything else that would obviously overstress the bike. I'm sure switching to a full suspension frame would help, but in the meantime I'd like to get a seat post that lasts an entire season.

    I'm 6'4", so I need to raise the seat quite a bit, but I'm not heavy for my height - 195-205lbs. I've seen plenty of riders closer to 250. What are those guys using?

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    I'm 6'2" and this is the first season I have not bent a post; I'm running a thomson post and I think its the only post to run if you don't want to bend it.
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      I have to aqree with agabriel... I have bent quite a few seatposts,until I bought a Thomson Elite seatpost. They have an oval design inside for extra stength... heavy duty for sure.
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        seat post

        Thompson, thompson. thompson it will be the last seat post you buy. I have one on my Kona Dawg, it works well and keeps my slim 230 # lard butt out of trouble. Landing off your seat and weight on the pedals. right? It also has these great mico adjusters to dial in angle just right.
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          As far as I'm concerned, there is only one seat post to buy at any price. Thompson.

          One on every bike I ride, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 27.2 x 400? on a bunch of them. With lots of post exposed 34-35" inseam.
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            Sounds like I need to start shopping around for a Thompson.

            Originally posted by leebo View Post
            Landing off your seat and weight on the pedals. right?
            Yeah, though the landing that took out my original post I remember as being a bit of a taint tapper.


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              I agree that a Thompson is probably the best if its in your budget.

              I'm over 250lbs and use a Race Face evolve DH post which is pretty inexpensive and has held up with no problems for almost 2 years


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                Thomson (no P) works well for me. Also had good luck with Raceface.
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                  Just make sure the RaceFace post has two bolts on top. I had a single bolt RaceFace post that I broke probably 10 bolts on it before giving up and getting a Thomson.
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                    Dean has a nice Ti post if you can live without setback. You'll need to use shims for most bikes. I think it will never bend, though.

                    They've been talking about a setback version for years, but no go yet.