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  • Europe and Cellphone

    My daughter's going to Europe next month, for a week. We have Verizon, and no smartphones. The only option we have with them is ridiculously expensive. Any affordable alternatives? Thx for any help.
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    Wife had the same issue a while back on a trip to Ireland. Call Verizon and for a fee (not sure how much) they will send you a loaner phone. Other alt. is have her buy a cheap "pay as you go" phone when over there. No contracts etc...

    Good luck


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      I work at a Univ and when sending faculty overseas on exchange programs we almost always just have them buy the 'burner' phones right in the airport when they get on the ground. Its fairly common over there. That way you don't have to worry about network compatibility and any weird usage or overage charges. Once she has the phone she calls you and then you have the number going forward. Pretty easy.