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What is your position on industrial wind farms?

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    Originally posted by agabriel View Post
    I've read it takes more emissions to produce a wind farm then they could ever reasonably reduce.
    Sounds like the Koch bros propaganda machine still works good...
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      Not a political thread. Keep the Koch comments somewhere else. The same as the 'bama comments. Corruption on both sides, I say.

      My intent is to gage the position on these types of developments. Wind is current, used to be hydro. Large scale wind farms currently threaten the places we like to ride. I (concentrate, I said "I"), don't feel an organization such as NEMBA or Snowmobile clubs or bird clubs or fish clubs should accept money from corporations that destroy the woods and mtns we call home.
      I just want to see if I am the only one who thinks this way......


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        I'm not sure if it is correct or not, but I do know hybrid technology is BS the way [most] people actually drive.


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          I would be against GIVING them money, but don't have a problem accepting it. The same would go for, say, the Sierra Club.
          Long as it's not some sort of tit-for-tat deal, and NEMBA just keeps doing business as usual and stays on mission, any support is a good thing IMO.
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            Originally posted by Slappy View Post
            NEMBA is right to stay out of other groups battles. Personally of course, everyone's free to climb in bed with whomever they please. Just don't be shocked if you're part of the next group they're pushing to keep out of the woods.
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