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  • Hunting In Mass, Dates? Info

    ??? Hi all,

    I would like to avoid flying lead this season and was wondering if any of you know about hunting dates in MA. I've been looking on the Mass Hunting Website, but it is not very well organized, nor very helpful. So were can I ride in realitive safety, where should I bring by bullet proof vest? Is hunting allowed near boston? ???


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    Re:Hunting In Mass, Dates? Info

    See prior post;start=0. It has a rough schedule for Massachusetts.

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      Re:Hunting In Mass, Dates? Info

      Some things I do to avoid flying lead:
      2. I attached a loud christmas sleigh bell to my stem. The stem seems to provide a more constant ringing at high and low speeds.
      3. Sing while you ride.
      4. Avoid riding alone.
      5. Resist following that new, narrow singletrack until Sunday (many states do not allow hunting on Sunday).
      6. Ride parks where hunting is prohibited.
      7. Ride at night with a headlamp when it is very dark. AVOID DUSK!
      8. Crank out some road miles!


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        Re:Hunting In Mass, Dates? Info

        Your best bet is to avoid riding in those areas. I hunt as well as bike and to ride in a area with a bell on your bike might be a good way to get thier attaintion,but Its also a good way to piss them off. We all have a right to be out there ,but It pays to be curtious also. I won't even go out there during shotgun season. Their are alot of people out there who arn't very safe with thier guns. Do ur best to ride in places that arn't frequented by hunters. I believe bow season opened sept.15th and the seasons run right till dec 15th. I some people think that they should be able to ride during hunting season,but we can ride all year round ,they only have a couple of months. Like hunting or not .Again we all have a right to be out there.
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          Re:Hunting In Mass, Dates? Info

          Just a reminder, it IS hunting season now (bow/arrow deer season) in MA. I was out yesterday on some local stuff and ran across a hunter. I spoke w/ him for a while, but later it occured to me that I had black/white and tan clothes on. DUH, I may as well have strapped some antlers on my helmet.

          Wear bright colors if you are going in the woods these days. Blaze/hi-viz orange is the best but anything other then brown and white are safer then not. Also remember that these folks only get a couple weeks of the year in the woods so be respectful of their pass-times and hopefully they will be of ours.