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AZ/NM/CO adventure ride (Fall 2014)

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  • AZ/NM/CO adventure ride (Fall 2014)

    Hey folks,

    I have the opportunity to do some riding in Arizona/New Mexico/Colorado next fall. I've been working with a company ( that is based out of Moab that will do custom tours to almost anywhere you want. I've been on several of their tours and it is always an adventure. They have a big city bus set up with on board beds/food etc. and they take you to the trailhead and pick you up at the other end with food/beverages awaiting. They do the driving and campground logistics, you do the riding. It ain't four star but it is the best way to get to many of the trails that you read about without the hassles of driving/cooking, etc. Ladies are welcome! The owner/operator of the company is a woman and she knows how mountain bikers operate. None of these rides are a race. Some are difficult, mostly due to altitude, (that is an equal opportunity challenge for us east coasters.)

    The basic itinerary goes like this:
    Fly into Phoenix, build bikes maybe do a ride on South Mountain in Phoenix. Very nice desert riding amongst huge saguaro cactus.
    Drive up to Sedona, Arizona for a couple of days of riding. Amazing scenery!
    Move to Gallup, New Mexico for some riding in the Zuni mountains.
    Move to Cortez/Durango, Colorado for some high desert and VERY high (10,000'+) alpine riding on the Colorado Trail.
    Move to Flagstaff, Arizona for some very nice high speed riding north of town in the San Francisco peaks.
    Drive back to Phoenix for whatever arrangements you may have made. (fly home, ride more, debauchery, etc.)

    The cost to get on the bus is about $850 + airfare. Any other costs such as bike shops, coffee, beer, etc. are above that.

    We would need about 10 riders for this to work. If you are at all interested, let me know either by pm or you can email me directly ( This really is a lot of fun and it removes a lot of the logistics/cost of doing it on your own.

    Jump in! I guarantee that you won't regret it.

    Ride time!

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    We have done trips in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, and California with the Adventure Bus folks. They put up with a lot to always get us where we want to go. It's also great to have food and drinks waiting when you get off the trail. The trails picked for this trip are top notch with different flavors for different regions. Should be fun.


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      Bumpity Bump.
      Ride time!