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    Just wanted to give a great big shout out to Brian and Aaron, Owner and Service Manager of JRA Cycles in Medford, for their OUTSTANDING customer service. You Guys ROCK!

    The story goes something like this... I was sidelined with a separated shoulder for 6 weeks (over the bars at Highland), so I was giving my trusty old All Mountain bike, a 2004 Cannondale Jekyll, a good going over in preparation for my first day back on a bike. That's when I found a crack at the rear triangle shock mount. I was pretty bummed because this year is not a good year to buy a replacement bike due to one daughter getting married, another in college and I have to buy a new car this year. Aaron took down all my info, made copies of my receipts and made a report. Brian further examined my bike and found that it also had a more serious crack at another location on the rear triangle. He made sure to document all of it and they contacted Cannondale. I wasn't very hopeful. That bike didn't owe me anything, many miles and years of great service. Plus C'dale has been through bankruptcy and restructuring since 2004 when I originally got this particular frame. I stopped in the store today to see if there was any update and there hadn't been yet. So I talked with Brain and Aaron and drooled over some of the amazing bikes that I couldn't have at this time. I went home and no sooner than when I walked in the door, the phone rang. It was Brian. He informed me that C'dale was going to replace my frame with a brand new 2013 Jekyll frame and that most of my components will transfer over! At first C'dale was offering a lesser replacement. And then a Jekyll without the rear shock. Brian went to bat for me and got the Jekyll with the rear shock because my old shock wouldn't fit the new frame.

    I remember when it was just Brian, a few part-time employee and a small selection of bikes. My wife recently bought her city bike from JRA. I have always used JRA mostly for service when it was something I couldn't do myself or didn't have time to do it and also buying small parts and components. I remember one time I brought my Lefty front wheel in to be trued and Brian didn't have the truing stand for a Lefty, but he figured a way to do it and then he bought the tool he needed to true a Lefty for the next time I brought it in. Brian and his employees have built JRA into the best bike shop in the Boston area and are an integral part of the biking community. He moved into a larger shop. There is now a shop full of happy employees doing what they love to do. All riders I'm sure. Also a huge selection of the most desirable bikes for every type of riding. So check them out. It's a great place if you love bikes.

    So a heart felt thanks Brian, Aaron and the rest of the JRA employees. You guys obviously love what you are doing and it has always shown. I would not have made out the way I did without your help.

    Sorry for the long rant, but I felt like I had to acknowledge this outstanding customer service. Also kudos to Cannondale for backing their product. They could have easily said sorry Charlie, no dice.

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    Ive bought 4 bikes from JRA. The last being a Moonlander.
    It's the only bike shop I go to.


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      Yes, I agree. JRA is an AWESOME shop. Good people for sure!
      Slaphead Mofo Leisure Team
      Sunday River Bike Park


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        Been riding road and mtb around boston since 1999. Started with the big shops and quickly migrated to to smaller shops. JRA is the best of all of them. They're real riders that really care about your ride!