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    My wife and I are considering a utility style bike, like the Surly Big Dummy, with an electric engine to replace a second car. Does anyone have any experience with this type of rig to comment? Does anyone have one within a couple hour drive of Greenfield, MA that would be willing to show me theirs? Please advise ASAP.

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    This thing is the real deal. I see a guy in Quincy motoring to work on one of these badboys. Looks awesome


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      I did try on at the big e, last year. Do not remember the brand, but really liked it.
      It was a cheaper bike with a nice battery.
      Assume they will have a display/demo again,

      Made me want this one, love this one...plenty of room for racks and would eat potholes, curbs and even small cars for And yes you could use it year round~


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        One of the better electric assist options I have seen for Big Dummy/Xtracycle bikes is a mid drive unit like the StokeMonkey. It was originally available by CleverCycles, but hasn't been available for a few years. indicates that it's supposed to have a new revised version but who knows when...
        You could DIY by making a mid drive bracket for the frame, and getting an electric rear hub with threaded single speed freewheel, and drive it with a LH crank-arm/spider, some batteries & a controller...
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          Good info @ Bicycle Times magazine.
          SS rule the dirt!


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            Yuba El Mundo on the way

            Thank you all for your suggestions. I've ordered the Yuba El Mundo, with upgraded components (Shimano Deore). Can't wait to start grocery shopping with it and taking it to work.