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  • NEMBAFest Congrats

    I want to thank all the folks that made NEMBAFest the great time that it was! I know that you put in countless hours doing all the heavy lifting and it showed. Even though the weather was a little less than optimal the riding and fellowship was great. Thank you again!

    I did have one minor gripe with the behavior of a group of fellow mountain bikers who left a huge trash bag full of beer bottles at the back of the lower parking lot. We picked it up for the slobs that left it. Thoughtless acts such as that are precisely the kind of things that give ALL OF US a bad name. If you are strong enough to carry your full beer bottles in, then you are surely strong enough to carry (stumble) the empties to a proper receptacle. It's just basic courtesy and respect. Your fellow bikers are not your parents who will clean up after you. Rant over.

    Ride time!