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NEMBA membership renewal and text messages

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  • NEMBA membership renewal and text messages

    Hello All,

    I renewed my membership online today. On the online-form there was a placeto include your telephone number. I provided my cell phone.

    Within 2 hours of providing this number, I have started to receive textmessages from junk mail accounts with click-links.

    1) Please be caution providing your number on the online renewal

    2) Who can I talk to, to resolve this issue? What is the service NEMBA is using to process these online transactions?

    * My apologies if this is not directly related to the online form. however,the timing is rather suspicious.

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    I just forwarded this to Adam and Philip. One of them should respond. I'm guessing coincidence, since I just renewed the same way a couple weeks ago with no spam resulting.

    PVNEMBA - Riding at its BEST


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      Hi Frac,
      I'm VERY confident that your NEMBA membership renewal had nothing to do with your text messaging problem. We use for all of our transactions and it is a very secure system. I'm sorry your phone number has gotten on a spam list but I am sure that your NEMBA membership renewal had nothing to do with it.

      Philip Keyes
      Executive Director


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        Hi Philip,

        Thanks for The response. I contacted verizon and they were able to stop the text messages. I'm glad no one else has had this problem. Most likley it was related to something else that triggered the spam.
        Between all the apps on my phone and all the other places my number can be found there are too many possabilities to track.