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    although I've enjoyed riding my Pivot Mach 5 for the last two years I'm finding myself ready for larger diameter wheels. However, the chance of being able to actually ride a small demo bike seems very slim. I'm wondering if anyone riding a small 29er or 650B would care to comment on what they've liked or not liked. I like what I've read about Pivot 429 and the Niner RIP9 so far but riding is different from reading. Thanks.

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    5' 3", 28" inseam. Used my 1x1 as the test pig for each wheel size. 96er, 29er, 26er and now 650b.
    29er was fun, but something wasn't right. Tried true 29er, still not right. Straight seat post, short stem, bleh.
    96er....ummm...something wasn't right.
    26er- fat snow, skinny race, tubeless,rigid, suspended (lefty, woo-hoo!), rode great designed for it.
    650b- the best adaptation by far. probably how I will keep it from now on.

    Having said (typed) all that. No one can determine what will work for you. We can offer what worked for us, but (big butt here), riding style and trerrain will dictate what works for you.

    Bad fit on a great bike equals bad riding. Good luck. Shorter riders are being squeezed out of the top tier bike companies more and more. I look now to the second and third teir companies now.

    Oh ya, I ride a 907 snow bike almost exclusively and am building up a Single speed Pugs....


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      My wife is 5'7" and rides a Small Giant AnthemX, she loves it and has had no problem with sizing. Not sure if that is helpful or not.
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        My sidekick rode a small Gary Fischer Super Caliber for years. She's now riding a medium Specialized Camber, which measured out close to the small SuperCal. She tried a small Stump Jumper FS but didn't like it. All 29ers.

        Best thing is to demo as many bikes as possible in small and medium until you find the one that's right. I know, easier said than done. Some NEMBA events provide a good opportunity to try different bikes back to back.

        The Turner Burner 650B looks mighty fine, looking forward to trying it out.


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          I know two women who are 5'1" and 4'11" respectively and both are on small Specialized Fates (HT) which they both love. Not the cheapest rig out there but light which they both appreciate I'd imagine. The 4'11" rider spent a fair amount of time on a demo Epic in the same size and enjoyed it.


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            thank you all for your thoughtful comments. I think I will try to make several demo days next summer. Howard.