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Christmas bikes for needy kids - Central MA

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  • Christmas bikes for needy kids - Central MA

    Gear Works Cyclery in Leominster MA is doing their annual thing. They collect a bunch of 'pre-owned' kids' bikes, spruce them up, and then they're distributed to kids that might not have a bike otherwise. Next Tues and Wed, 12-11+12, they're hosting wrenching sessions, where a bunch of volunteers hoist a few and do their best to turn lead into gold.

    If you're local and turn a wrench now and then (or even wield a mean wipe-down rag), it's pretty rewarding. I'm planning on going Tuesday.
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    Yea, a good cause organized by good people. I've helped for the last few years as well. I'll be there Tues.

    Bring ya stand and ya tools if ya got em.

    Is there any better gift under a Christmas tree? I still remember every bike Santa left for me........still have most of em too.
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