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Parking violation (warning) at Foxboro during a night ride.

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  • Parking violation (warning) at Foxboro during a night ride.

    A few of us got warnings on our windshields while we rode the forest in Foxboro at night a few weeks ago. We were parked in the lot across from the fire station off of Mill St. The warning stated a CMR Violation of Section 12.03 Subsection 12: Hours of Operation. I looked it up at and it states the parks are closed 1/2 hour after sunset (so the warning seems legitimate).

    Has anyone else seen this? If so, what are you planning on doing? We've been riding Foxboro at night for over 10 years and this is the first time we've seen this.

    Stu Robinson

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    Not Foxboro, but a buddy mentioned the cops (may have been DCR ones) over in Sutton stopped by him and mentioned the parks are closed at sunset. so maybe there is something new going on ?
    BTW - how much was the ticket ?


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      I just emailed the DCR Manager. Also read - Section 12.03 - 2 (a) activities exempted in writing by the Area Supervisor or Director.
      The regulations are real, but I have never heard of them being enforced. I'll keep the Foxy mtb crowd posted.


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        I received a response from the F. Gilbert Hills DCR Land Manager/ Supervisor. Basically as Bill Belichick would say Ė It is what it is. The information can be found in the website Stu provided. Why now you ask? Well, the DCR Rangers are probably issuing the written warnings as a polite education tool. Also, understand if someone did get injured at night requiring medical attention, First Responders are more at risk if a victim needs to be extricated or rescued. There have been no issues about night time use other than its off hour usage.
        I have been riding Foxy 18+ years and this is new to me also so please donít shoot the messager, but use best judgment when parking/riding in F. Gilbert Hills State Forest after hours.


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          I wonder if they will be just enforcing at this lot....


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            also, could this be related to hunting season?

            this sucks, we also do a lot of hiking/snowshoeing at night with the dogs.


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              Nothing to do with hunting season, DCR is just letting folks know the rules / regulations are being enforced for all users of this State forest.

              Ahemmmmm..............We still use the Conservation lot off RT. 140 with no problems ............