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    I was riding in Nam Friday night with my buds and we noticed orange cones placed on top of the black post
    on the rail trail just. This is one you find as you leave the old aspalt area and take the rail trail toward Rte 85.
    We joked someone must have hit it.

    Saturday we went to Chelmsford to Russell Mills (fun ride/cool pump track) and bumped into a rider "Matt" who is
    from that area. When we told him we were from the Milford area he said he was at Nam a couple weeks ago
    and had smashed into the post.

    Two things he was checking out his newly built shock and was not completely paying attention. Second, even
    with the warning of his buds he did not really see the danger until it was too late. After having it looked at
    he has a fractured rib and hurt his thumb as well.

    It seems these posts shoud be colored with a more bright paint or maybe have some tape with color and
    reflective quality.

    As a member of Friends of the Upper Charles Trail I did write an e-mail to let them know of the incident and
    concern. The rider was going to contact the town but had not at that point.

    Anyone else ever have any close calls with those posts?

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    I got a response from the Upper Charles Trail. They plan on adding a little more reflective tape. The poles are meant for keeping
    cars out. They have not had any other reports of people hitting them and they will remain black.