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Losing trail in Vietnam?

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  • Losing trail in Vietnam?

    I rode today in Nam and was down by Whale rock, in the woods, and looks like the granite stone company on Rt 16 is moving further into the woods. They're taking the nice singletrack trail down there.
    Bummer. Hope they don't go too much further than they where they are now.
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    Not sure. We saw it too. As long as it is not the casino I'm good!


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      The unconfirmed rumor is that the landowner was doing some logging. A poor job of it by the look of the mess they left behind.
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        Well, I got down there again today and it is the granite company going further. They harpooned whale rock - gone - and all of the single track down there. Looks like they have the perimeter marked with red tags on the trees so doesn't look like they'll go much further. It did look like some ridable terrain where they cleared but not sure if that is allowed.


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          My error - whale rock still lives, just tough finding it with all the landscape changes Milford Stone is doing.