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Example of why Strava bites the big one in the woods....

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    Originally posted by pulsepro View Post
    Yeah, right! I avoid riding with my cell phone (and yes, my phone is an actual phone, not a mini-computer "smart phone" thing).

    How bout this example of how great Stava is:
    So I'm out hiking in Groton Town Forest with my kids (wanting to check out the newly cut ST) and out from around a corner come three individuals who obviously lost their way during the Windam World Cup XC race. These three bozo's come ripping around a blind corner at warp speed and luckily swerve and break before they plow into my two little guys. The guys seemed to feel bad and couldn't offer enough apologies. I told them everything was cool and things like that happen from time to time, no worries. Then before the guys rode off, one of them blurted out, "There goes our Strava run, now we have to go back and start over, we were at PR pace" was then clear, these dudes were using the trails as a time trial course.

    Hey, I think there's nothing wrong with trying to ride faster, trying to better your form, etc.........but for those of you who like to rip the trails at warp speed (I'm included also), please be aware that you may be riding on a multi-use trail and you may run into someone on a horse, a family with either kids, pets, and old folks (all of which may be behind the eight ball when dodging bikers), and (hopefully not) an anti-bike wingnut. Please don't give any of those folks a reason to rally around limiting MTB access because of careless riding.

    BTW, this applies to everyone not just Strava users.
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      Amen Brother antmav!
      In some mysterious way woods have never seemed to me to be static things. In physical terms, I move through them; yet in metaphysical ones, they seem to move through me.
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        Originally posted by antmav View Post
        "There goes our Strava run, now we have to go back and start over, we were at PR pace"....
        I believe the term for those guys is "Strav*******s", no excuse for not riding in control. idiots.
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          That's not a problem with Strava, it's the user. You should flag the segment.

          Here's an interesting segment I found on the vineyard:


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            DV - I hope can live with yourself when someone follows that segment and gets a propeller through the skull.