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rutland state forest ma group rides.

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  • rutland state forest ma group rides.

    Hi, I have been checking all the chapters websites trying to find group rides for Rutland state forest. I have heard good things about the trails but seem to only find fire roads when I go there. If anybody knows of any group rides that meet there, or are willing to show me the good stuff there i'd appreciate it. Thanks. Tim

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    Put me in that pile, too! I've always heard of great, flowy trails and never found them...
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      Check in with Landry's Westboro some guys from there go often. Only been once. No map. Obscure directions on site regarding Spider's Gate Cemetary.
      It runs into Paxton, Worcester.


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        Just came across this thread. Great info:

        Hope it helps.



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          There are occasional group rides of a group of folks from the Seven Hills Wheelmen, but nothing regular. There is good stuff there, but it's a matter of finding it then figuring out how to link up the single track bits with the fire roads.

          A good start is to find the trail that goes around muddy pond ( off of the rail trail - it's a great easy flowy trail. After you've done that, you're in a good spot to look for more single track on the other side of the rail trail - it's a bit of a maze, but after a couple of rides, you should be able to figure it out. Some of the trails are officially horse trails, but are well suited for bikes and don't see much horse traffic.

          The maps linked below are useful for finding your way around, but don't actually show much of the singletrack:


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            I just rode the rail trail through Rutland with my wife this weekend. Looks like there are a bunch of single track trails off the rail trail. I am dying to go there to check them out. Pete


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              Definitely a fun place to ride, in my opinion. Nothing gnarly, but you can ride 2 miles or 25 and have a good day of it. Even just riding the forest roads can be a good time - lots to explore.