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  • Weekend rides - videos

    I finally got a computer with enough horsepower to edit videos so now I can actually use my ContourHD. That said it will take some time for me to get "good" with it. I have to understand how the thing "sees" - one of the issues with not being able to preview on a screen - but I do like how small the camera is and how wide angle the shots are. I'm getting there and I think the final video here shows improvement.

    First up - I know a couple of guys who are on the UConn DH team and some of them came over to ride my pumptrack. Two of them had ridden a pumptrack before, two of them hadn't, they picked it up pretty quickly. I shot this by putting my camera on a 4' long pole - good effect, but I need to manage it better next time.

    Saturday I had limited time so I hit up a place close by - excellent riding there - some really technical sections that were created by MTBers so its all rideable (but very challenging). Not great shots from the helmet cam, but the mount on the frame is sweet - I never knew that my fork moved that much! This is on a very techie section, which is hard to see, you'll have to trust me.

    And last, my Sunday solo ride - I love the stationary camera thing - I think its so much better than a helmet mount shot (which I forgot to bring for the ride) although it takes FOREVER to take these shots. Set up camera, ride away, ride back, pick up the camera, repeat.

    The music in these videos is from bands I'm in or was in - hopefully not too offensive. Hard to believe that music on the Sunday video was recorded over 10 years ago, it makes me feel very old!

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    Nice stuff! I like the camera work especially on the last one. I have my gopro I use and just mount to the handle bars. I'm way to lazy to setup shots like that, although I might try on my next time out, maybe this weekend! Thanks for some inspiration!
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      I definitely have to be in the right frame of mind to bother setting up shots like that - most of the time I just want to ride.
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        hadn't seen the middle one over on Bikerag.. nice!!
        Always wear a Helmet and Glasses when riding!!

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          Good stuff John.

          Pumptrack looks great - wondered how that turned out for ya. Looks like w/ a practice to get the rhythm dialed you could get ripping around pretty good on it. It's obvious you put a helluva lot of thought and digging into getting everything to actually work - nice job.

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            Tell us something about your new high horse power computer. I might be changing one soon and am looking for some ideas.


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              iMac 27" - don't ask me about specs, not much of a computer guy.

              The pump track is cool - none of those people in the video are me riding though. It was great to watch someone else ride it, I found a few spots that needed work - bigger berms and steeper bumps. I couldn't really see it while I was riding myself.

              Its fun to go out there and rip a few laps every now and then. I had a very small area to work with - I did the best with what I had, but with it this tight and among the trees, you can't pump every bump or you'll fly off the track, there's also some elevation gain, which adds a little challenge. I'm pretty good at going around it, but its not a speed track like others I've ridden.
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                Nice videos

                The last one was really nice especially. Lots of work but it looks great IMO.