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Trailer Hitch Installer needed

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  • Trailer Hitch Installer needed

    Anyone know who installs trailer/bike hithces on a car. I purchased a hitch but I'm not able to install. No driling is required and I have the instructions.


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    Uhaul will do it.


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      I just put a "no drilling required" hitch on my Honda Element, it took about 20 minutes - it was easy to do - I suspect any local garage would do that for you for a reasonable fee if you didn't want to do it yourself. Incidentally I bought my hitch at UHaul, it was cheaper than any other place I could find.
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        I also bought mine from u-haul and they installed it for $30. However, the "no drilling" required hitch ended up needing holes drilled in order for it to be installed. I thought it was well worth $30 to have them do it for me.


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          Don't forget to put anti-seize or grease on whatever you slide into the receiver. I left my bike rack installed for about a year and had a bear of a time getting it out. I had unbolt the hitch mount from the car, chain it to a tree and wail on it with an 8# sledge while my dad pulled on it with his tractor.

          You can be sure I slathered on the anti-seize this time!