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    Nordic Trails Map

    Originally posted by jh_on_the_cape View Post
    Is there a map of the trails somewhere online?


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      Went this weekend. Riding was pretty lame. You ride these boggy mowed wide XC trails. No real singletrack apart from the elephant rock trail. Ride up the slow lift takes 15 minutes. 5 minutes to get down. I did that a few times, then I asked the guy operating the lift, and he showed me a unmarked trail, that was just OK. He admitted that the riding in WV is not good in terms of real singletrack. He said he goes to Highland.
      Hiking was fun. Cascade trail was great with the family. Lots of stuff to do with kids, ice arena, pool, etc.
      Fun place. I rode for a couple of hours and had fun, but beyond that I would have to drive to Highland.