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Calling all new forum members...

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  • Calling all new forum members...

    I see a whole bunch of new folks registering for the forums for that photo contest - why don't you come on in and introduce yourself -

    Where do you ride?
    Have any more pics?
    Take any good biking trips?
    ....and most importantly - what bike do you ride?

    (I'd answer all those questions myself, but I think you could find out easily enough by doing a search).
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    Well, I joined up to the boards and as a NEMBA member after lurking on the boards a bit. Im a member on ANyways I ride mostly in SEMASS. But when IM able I plan on going all over NE. So far the only good trip I had was too Otis down the Cape. I have some pics, but they are mostly scenery pics, like the current trail conditions and such. I ride a 2005 Fetish Obsession. The pic i posted for the contest, is an old one. I havent got any of its current look. I think Slappy posted one of me at Otis.


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      Been here for a while, but I'll take a turn. Ride a 06 Gemini in the woods and a ss On-One Gimp for the rest. Live in Hamden, Ct and ride West Rock and the local parks mostly. Usually hit Trumbull and Tyler Mill at least once a month and occasionally take trips for lift served.


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        Hey, just moved to boston from pittsburgh, pa and am hoping to find all the places to ride in the area. I ride a 1996 trek Y single speed. I took a winter trip a few months back to Sedona, AZ. It was amazing, got to ride every day for a week in 60-70 degree weather.


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          well i been lurkin here for a little while and i just started really riding but last nov i got a trek. and now that its finally warming up (im not one for winter riding) im hoping to ride at massasoit.


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            well i joined back in december after hearing about this site through a fellow forum member of another site. i original got on various mtn bike forums from taking photos of a friend of mine and posting them up for him. eventually, i started getting more interested in the actual riding aspect (though my love is still first with photographing mtn bikers). i am going to school for massage therapy and hope to focus my career in the sports/athletic areas. i went on my first real trail ride a couple of weeks ago while on vacation in TX. It was a blast. didn't realize how frightening it would be...the teeter totter was fantastic...the times i hit it dead on. i had one major spill with it and one root kicked my butt and sent me tumbling down a little hill...but all in all it was a great time riding and i hope to continue here once the warmer weather gets here. although, i don't have anyone to ride with...and though i've been to trumbull and was to take i don't know the trails well enough to ride alone. i live in stratford, CT...divorcing with 2 kids.

            oh...and my bike...we don't want to go there. it's at least 10 years old and bought at a sports store. it is completely different than the bike loaned to me in texas!

            here's video of some of my rides in TX...

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              Brian Burns here, I ride a 07 epic carbon! WOOT! She is HOT!

              I ride mostly on Cape Cod. I spend a lot of time in the Otis woods, and a good deal of time in the Long Pond Woods. I am sure I have seen a lot of you out there (otis). I am the guy with the Red Doberman and pockets full of trash from the slobs!

              My best trip was to Killington last season. Its what got me BACK into Mt.biking, and what got the wife into it with me. We rode UP mt.killington, it was like 5 miles up! It took us almost 3 hours to get up the Mt, and like 20 minutes to come down! The whole climb up I am telling my Wife, come on hunny... MMM.. just think about the Lunch in the lodge (I was starving)... The whole ride up I was just thinking about what I am going to eat/drink.. MMM beer.... Well we get to the top, and I realize my freaking wallet is in the truck! I tried to get the wife to go get it but she told me to go pound sand lol, it was a blast though. Next time I am taking a lift though! LoL. I also road at Mt.Snow, and that was a great ride too. I plan on heading all over NE this spring for some riding and down south to MD (family down there) I wanna hit up kingdom trails, and that other trail system in NH (I can't remember the name). I will get some pics up soon. I love taking pics, so I have a lot of them, I just never post... lol.


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                hey! I've been spending most of the time i do get on the comp over on the busted boards but a member here wanted me to post up a picture of him. I'm in Franklin MA, a freshman in high school. I primarily ride trials, when im not riding im doing schoolwork, and trying to goof with the camera. The past summer i worked for the LBS, hopefully again this summer. A few of my favorite pictures are up here, the first one is me riding, taken by me... crazy!
                I'm pretty much a homework dweeb, but i'll try to find time to drop in here. Some older pics of me for those interested

                aaand the bikes(well most of em)

                (sorry for the long post)


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                  Originally posted by miker27 View Post
                  hey! ....

                  (sorry for the long post)
                  Good stuff, thanks for posting. Trials riding is amazing stuff, love to watch people do it.
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                    New to the boards

                    Hey all,

                    I'll take a moment to say "hey." Joined NEMBA winter '06 since I finally now have some cash to donate to causes (NEMBA, Nature Conservancy, NPR) and I'm on a quest to get back into riding. Figure NEMBA is the best place to start my comeback. I've been riding since '91, but didn't hardly ride at all in college. The past 5 years I've been limited to city riding (commuting), but last year I plopped down for the blue Cannondale hardtail I wanted since I was 13, and moved out from the city some. (Medford, MA) New job is in North Andover, and I drive past Harold Parker everyday, and I will be visiting very soon (in fact I just posted a request for trail conditions for this streak of spring weather!).

                    Bought the wife a bike too, and this is the year we really start riding often. Mostly off road. She's interested in the fitness aspects, I was in need of another soul to join me, and we tend to do everything together. I'd rather ride slow and easy with her, than challenging alone. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to meet some folks and improve my own fitness and skills. Frankly, I can't bunny hop to save my life. I need to learn, seriously. It'd be cool if she, too, could meet some women riders to encourage her to form the habit, as well.

                    Other than that, I'm (was?) a pretty decent rider who prefers quicker, flowing stuff over excessively technical or only steep. Like to go up as well as down.

                    Look forward to seeing some of you in eastern mass and NH this season!


                    PS - pics of the bikes, so new at the time that they still had the tags on. And no pedals on mine...
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                      Welcome aboard Brian!
                      Don't blame me --I voted for Kerry Healey


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                        Nice looking Elsworth. Maybe you could give a few of us some tips.
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                          Sort of new, if you count being a member of NEMBA for the past two years. Recently got into riding (3 years ago) for the fitness aspects of the activity and then found out I could be a geek while riding by using my GPS to record everywhere I have been and make maps from that.

                          Joined NEMBA two years ago and immediately got involved with my local chapter. Now I am the Veep! Got some good stuff planned for CT this year.

                          Recently, found my true passion in riding is single speed. Have two now, Qball 29er and a Fetish Fixation 69er. Now that spring is here (except we just had a noreaster) I am excited to start riding again before work three times a week and riding with my kids on the weekend.

                          Places I like to ride include: Bennetts Pond, Upper Paugussett SF (and some local single track/horse trails in the local vicinity), Huntington, Trout Brook, Mianus, Trumbull, West Rock, and WH Rez.
                          My club: CT NEMBA
                          My Blog: CycleSnack
                          My Trail: The Upper Gussy Trail


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                            gotta love Northeast mtbing

                            I'm from coastal New Jersey, but I race both the Campmor H2H series and some of the Root 66 series. Once a month I hit Trumbull. Since I'm getting into DH more this year, its a great weekend trip. I do a lot of PayDirt with in NJ and now NYC since they are building a jump park. I"LL post when I visit, hopefully some of you guys want to spin Trumbull. Smiles, Jess


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                              Hi folks. I've been lurking here for a while as I'm still a n00b. I started riding in the DC area three years ago, and had my first year in the MA region last year. I'm still getting a feel for where to ride and what stuff I can handle. I'm riding with mostly other n00bs who I helped get into mt biking in the first place.

                              So, I'm riding a stock gary fisher tass from 05, which suits me well...although I'm drooling over all sorts of other equipment. I'm mostly riding XC, but mostly I'm just trying not to fall down.

                              Be kind to me when you pass me on the trails this year.