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    Originally posted by Mr. Eff View Post
    Hi folks. I've been lurking here for a while as I'm still a n00b. I started riding in the DC area three years ago, and had my first year in the MA region last year. I'm still getting a feel for where to ride and what stuff I can handle. I'm riding with mostly other n00bs who I helped get into mt biking in the first place.

    So, I'm riding a stock gary fisher tass from 05, which suits me well...although I'm drooling over all sorts of other equipment. I'm mostly riding XC, but mostly I'm just trying not to fall down.

    Be kind to me when you pass me on the trails this year.
    Mr Eff,

    What part of MA are you living and riding in??
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      I've been around the new england scene for almost 20 years now, been a NEMBA member off and on. I've been posting on BS and FPP, mostly riding at Rye Airfield and DH mtns. I'm getting the trail riding bug again and the best way to do that is with NEMBA, so here I am. If you chase Slappy around the woods, you've probably met me once or twice.


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        Just put the snow board away for the summer, and dusted off the Jamis XLT-1 and charged the night rider. Soon as this nor-easter blows over and the ground firms up a bit I'll hit the local dirt bike trails to get some pedaling in. Probably going to get some blow down on the trails, but I'll just go for a trail work ride, and clear the clutter.


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          Where I ride

          Hey - I am fairly new....little under 2 years riding...the first year rode a hardtail, last year bought a 2006 Specialized Stumpjumper (LOVE IT)....I ride mostly Pinehills in Plymouth (across from Serious Cycles) and occasionally I Vietnam, Otis, Wompy, Trail of Tears....

          I have tons of pictures but I am an idiot and can't figure out how to load them on this!
          "I need a new helmet"


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            new member

            my name is mike and im a new member to nemba.
            i have been ridding for about 4 years fully active and a total of about 15.
            my fav place to ride is the local trail system called westwoods in southern ct wich is located less than a .25 miles from the house. westwoods is prob the best ride in all of ct. oh yes much much better than case mt. but if you ride hear hook up with a local like myself to get the full spectrum of this wounderfull trail system.
            also im in to DH and my fav spot is killington vt. As for what i ride ive got an armada here in the house.
            in mass i love the wompy by my uncles house my wepon of choice thare is my 29er. and of course NAM its about the same drive time for me to this place as it is to most places in sother vt and i love it

            MY single speed evil sovereign my baby

            my all mt kona stinky five (just had the front and rear shock rebuilt and new king head set gota give the bike love that has given and taken so much of a beating)

            My redline monocog 29 full riged XC bike i tell ya thes 29ers just love to move fast

            and my current bike build project a norco shore frame with lots of big hit parts all over it in hopes that i can enter in a few dh amature races this year.
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              Hi all,

              Just wanted to take the time and introduce myself. My name is Sok (short version of full name). I'm 24yo hailing from Lowell, MA. I just started riding this year- sadly no trail riding as of yet due to weather conditions. I ride a IBEX Alpine 650 (, I'm all about "Bang for the buck". Overall, I'm completely staisfied with the bike. I've already put 100+ road miles on it in about 7hrs of riding. Still itching to hit the trails, but I understand the trails are still in a sensitive state- I don't want to be the cause of trail erosion/damage. I'm enjoying every minute that I'm out on my bike and it's something I can see myself doing for a long time.


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                My name is Chris. I'm usually on MTBR as Rez. (Thats the name of one of my dogs.) If any one rides in Arcadia, you have most likely ran into me or the wife. I ride a white Hecker and the wife rides a white Tomac Eli ( colors match because I bought the wifes bike on discount and the only color left was white). 99% of the time we ride with a couple of Viszlas (dogs). We mostly ride on the south side of 165 because my house is on Summit road. We ride a minimum of three days a week in Arcadia. We try to travel elswhere as much as possible. In the summer we spend a lot of time in the NH house, up by Plymouth. It is a real good base camp. Close enough to jump up to the kingdom trails or millstone. The riding around the NH house is also pretty sweet. Attitash is 40 minutes away, Waterville is 20 minutes away, and the Kang is about 30 minutes. But the best hidden jewels are the ski mobile trails behind the house. Sick down hills.

                Been riding as long as I can remember (now 36). Tranisitoned from BMX to road. Only rode road until I bought the first Schwin rigid. Since then numberous mountain bikes and counting.

                If anyone needs company in Arcadia or needs directions look me up.


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                  hey yall, i rather not tell u my real name but i got the nickname Plywood b/c i broke my wrist Mtbing and when it came out of the cast it looked like plywood, b/c the wrist wouldnt bend; thus Plywood was born.

                  im 19 currently unemployed and in college

                  ive ridden in a lot of places, like the Fells, Blue Hills, HP, Otis, and Borderland (once).
                  i first start mountian bikeing when i was about 13 or 14 on an Marlin but ive always like bikes, i started with a Huffy, then a cheap store brand bike with no "working" brakes, also have a BMX bike. Then 3 years ago i bought an Iron Horse Warrior hardtail and been getting more and more into Mtbing. i ride on trails but im intersted in trying DH...

                  Class of 2006!
                  Kona Dawg Primo!

                  You know your a mtber when you can send a $2,000 toy down a cliff, with you somehow attached, and lovin it!!


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                    Not new by any means, but I like this thread, so...
                    I'm Dennis, been a nemba member for something like 10 years, been riding mt bikes for about 16.

                    Rode primarily XC for a long time all over NE, never raced but rode a ton of trails. Got into DH in 2000 and spent pretty much every w/e on a lift for 3 or 4 years, mostly up at Sunday River (rip). SR closed, I've gone the house/kids route and moved out to Westminster MA (lived in Lowell before that for about 15 years -Sok, you're in for a treat when you hit the trails over in Lowell-Dracut forest). Been back into mainly trail riding again for awhile, still manage to get on a lift a few times a season.

                    I've also been really getting into the trail-building aspect these past few years - there's lots of times now when I grab the shovel and rake instead of the bike and I think I enjoy those days just as much. Well, almost anyway. We've managed to build a nice little shuttle run in the neighborhood (shout out to Dark Mavis!), hopefully some of you can come check it out this season. Great spot for progression, if I do say so myself.

                    Currently, I'm usually on a bright orange Sinister Spinter ER (sweet ride, great local company)- you can't miss it, so say 'hey' if you see me somewhere. Other bikes I've got up and running are an Intense M1 for DH and a AZtech Flying Polack 1x8 hardtail ('aggressive' sorta steel trail bike, also made in NH), a '95 DB Axis XC singlespeeder, an old Schwinn roadie and a couple BMXers. Got a giant pile of parts that could add up to a few more decent almost-bikes in the garage too, if I ever get to sorting it all out.

                    Anyway, hope to see you out there.
                    Here're a couple shots from our shuttle trail, just cuz I like to show it off.

                    Slapheadmofo Leisure Team
                    Sinister Bikes
                    Wachusett Brewing
                    Sunday River Bike Park


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                      Hi I'm Mike, I'm 25 and live near borderland. I just started riding this year after getting out of dirt bikes ( I've seen the light )

                      I have a GT Avalanche that needs a bunch of upgrading, but its been a great bike for the price so far. Always looking for people to go riding with.


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                        Im strange. Yesterday was about my second trail ride in about 5 years today was my third... Im thoroughly beat but it was great. Rode Rayburn in Millbury and singletary I think it is.

                        I live in Worcester Ma and ride a black and red sugar or a hardtail specialized. Im not a member yet but hopefully soon.
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                          Former Roadie

                          Just getting back into biking, took about a ten year layoff due to knee problems. Used to ride a lot, done a few century rides. Got myself a bran' spankin' new Rockhopper Comp Disc. I've been out a coupla' times and got myself & the bike muddy.

                          This is fun.
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                            My name is John and I live in Worcester, MA. Riding a Trek 830 XC and am upgrading things here and there. Don't do too much heavy mountain biking as I usually have my 2 1/2 year old son on the back. Went to Rayburn in Millbury last Sunday and he was not a happy camper getting knocked around back there.

                            We do a lot of rail trails and I take him as far off road as my legs can handle. Carrying around an extra 35 pounds wears on ya. Anyway, did the Mass Central rail trail today (Sterling to Holden leg) without him and was able to go pretty far off the trails. I'd say it was about 22 miles round trip. Talk about getting soaked. Also recently joined the Blackstone Valley chapter. Looking forward to getting out there and meeting people.


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                              Open invitation to PedrosFest

                              Hi all.

                              Just wanted to post this open invitation to Pedro's Festival in Hancock MA July 13-15.

                              My Rides include a 1989 Wicked Fat Chance as well as a few other more modern bikes.

                              I encourage you all to come out and meet some freinds and make some new ones. The fest has a new site in Hancock on an Organic Vegetable Farm right around the corner from Jiminy Peak. There is great riding everywhere there but I am told it will be well worth it to ride the Jiminy lift up and ride off the back side. For Gravitationally addicted of course you can ride down the front.

                              The Pre reg discount is still open for this week. See you there.



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                                Hi there. I'm Dan. Pleasure, I'm sure.

                                About me, huh? I live in NH, am from MA, and ride NE MA & SE NH. My baby is an old Ventana hardtail that I'm trying to get a new fork for, and the (winter/beater/loaner/*sob... current) bike is a Marin Rift Zone. I got my roots on the BMX and came over to the big bikes about 5 years back. I got into it more seriously last year, and joined NEMBA over the winter.

                                That'll be all for now, thanks for having me.