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    Been riding Willow Street in Barnstable, MA earlier today. Went across the sandy "highway" towards Mary Dunn Pond. In about a mile, right in the middle of the singletrack trail there was a tent. No way to go around it without carrying the bike through the bushes. The tent was surrounded by a pile of apparently used toilet paper and trash. The situation was disgusting a lot and a bit spooky, too. I've been on the same trail just few days before and there was nothing like that, then.

    Can this be a hunters' camp? It was too far from anything interesting for a homeless camp to my thinking, as it was literally in the center of the woods. My questions to you are how often do you encounter things like that? Did you ever have issues with the hunters during their season (I know it's muzzle-loader season now)?


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    IMO a hunter would not set something like this up, it doesn't make any sense to do so. Call the local conservation/land use agent (for the town), website link here email link here
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      It's a really bizarre location. Not close to a fire road or water or anything. Really gross too. IMO, no way it's a hunter leaving his trash and crap all over.


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        Crazy teens?
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          There are a couple level 3 homeless pos in the Ayer area that camp out in fairly remote areas. There was a forrest fire a few years back that was most likely caused by their camp fire.


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            Yea, those dirtbags ruined it for a lot of people.

            Their new base camp is out on top of Porcupine Hill......out behind the Autumn Ridge 55+ Complex. At least they're off the trail a bit. You should see the place, a complete s-hole.........Natty Ice and baked bean cans everywhere, trash all over the place. The cops head up there every once in while, break up the camp, but they always seem to set up again in the general vicinity.
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