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Leominster Ride- Thank you

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  • Leominster Ride- Thank you

    Big thank you to the folks who organized todays ride in LSF. First time at the park and the route was was well marked and a great mix of terrain. Hillbilly Heaven turned out to be one of our favorites.

    Also the oasis of water and cookies around mile seven was a great surprise and treat.

    Thank you all great event.

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    This was a really great event, I just wish my derailleur didn't break and I could have finished the loop! Really sweet, a lot of new trails I hadn't seen. Some of it gets pretty dodgy when wet!

    Thanks for setting it up!


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      I was surprised to have stayed upright with the wet boardwalks, roots and rock gardens. Was quite a workout. And who else was out there during the rain?
      "I'll watch some TV, it'll help me to RELAX!" - Ren Hoek


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        Thanks everyone for braving the weather, insects and slippery conditions and coming out over the holiday weekend. The turn-out surpassed our expectations and made all of the planning and preparations worth while. This was our first event in a l o n g time and we have ideas to make it better next year.


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          Track or Link to Route?

          I would have loved to do this ride. Leominster's not real close but I try and get over there a couple times a year, great trails, especially the new ones!

          I was away labor day weekend. Did anyone record the ride to Strava, Garmin Connect, etc, or have a link or scan of the route? I think I've ridden most of the trails there but it's always fun to find new ways to link things together.


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            I thought the above posts were for last weekends ride at Leominister but the dates go back to 2013. Yikes.Great weather. Great trails. Great time all around. One suggestion. It would have been nice if every once in a while one of the pink arrows had a number on it that matched a similar number on the map handed out. That way you could quickly zero in on exactly where you were on the course. You would only need to number about 5 or 6 of the arrows. With the density of the trail system the map can be hard to look at sometimes. But not a complaint just a suggestion.
            "I'll watch some TV, it'll help me to RELAX!" - Ren Hoek