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Free Mountain Biking Instruction at Russell Mills Town Forest

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  • Free Mountain Biking Instruction at Russell Mills Town Forest

    Free 3 hour mountain bike instruction on June 24th at Russell Mills Town Forest from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. Please check us out:

    Come join the fun and get a taste of what Mountain Biking School has to offer. All levels and ages welcome.
    You just need an interest or passion for mountain biking, helmet and working bike.

    Also, recommended:

    bug spray

    Event could be cancelled due to heavy rains.

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    After seeing this ad peppered on various sites and numerous forums, I have a few questions:

    1. Is this a NEMBA approved/sactioned/supported event? It's posted in this NEMBA Events thread.
    2. Has anyone else checked the website? $400+ for 2 days of instruction!!!!!!!!!
    3. What is NEMBA's liability if this company takes paid customers out on a tour of a local trail network where NEMBA provides trail work ( i.e Russell Mills, Nam, etc...) and someone gets injured?
    4. Is it legal for a private company to make money via a service provided on public land. I'm sure the City of Lowell would be interested in knowing if I set up a beer for $$$ stand at the top of Hellevator!

    Full disclosure: IMO, it's a good thing to get people into 'our' sport. I believe these folks need the proper equipment, support, instruction, and legal places to ride. Sorry but I still can't wrap my head around why anyone would pay $400+ for 2 days of instruction when any NEMBA Chapter in the Northeast could/would/will provide the same support free of charge. All a newbie has to do is join NEMBA, contact a representative from any Chapter, explain they are new to the sport and are looking for instruction/information/a ride guide......nd I'm sure that person would be hooked up big time between group rides, PYT rides, information on Clinics (free of charge) private tours, etc. I know I don't have all the information on this company, but this doesn't sit well with me.

    I may be way off base with my concerns, but something doesn't seem right here.
    Slaphead Mofo Leisure Team
    Sunday River Bike Park


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      The school is in no way associated or endorsed by NEMBA. They have An agreement with the town of Chelmsford and that is it. They were at NEMBAFEST promoting the school. I was asked by two people about the MTB school because they were told that is was endorsed by MVNEMBA. Not one elected person in MVNEMBA has ever spoken to anyone from the school. Bottom line is we have NOT endorsed any MTB other that the skills day we provide MVNEMBA member for free.
      Barry Moore
      Ibis Mojo HD / Demo 8