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  • EFTA Banquet

    I have in my possession NECS Awards, Mugs and, of course, The Trykes.

    I plan on being at Hampshire Hills by noon and we will be setting up the banquet venue soon after.

    This year due to Randi not being able to attend and Denis on the fence we will not have a Cone Head Tube Toss or Frog Pond. The Maz in in charge of "Fun and Games" and to him the only game in town is "The Tryke Race". This year Maz will not have Dawn to help so it's Mazs' way all the way. Maz got new seat posts yesterday as one broke at NEMBAfest and wanted two new ones. With the new post in place it will be race set up just like last year.

    Kelly and Lyle are working on, and will have, this years edition of "Black and Blue" productions EFTA year in review video, which, even as had as Maz tries, it outshines the Tryke race as the event of the banquet.

    With the absence of Randi and perhaps Denis look for non-sense from The Maz. Sorry no banquet refunds.
    "Age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill"