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Need 26er wheels and fork

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  • Need 26er wheels and fork

    Anybody just make the switch to 29er or have some older parts with a bit of life left? I need some disc ready wheels and a fork that doesn't completely suck but doesn't need to be anything special. Maybe heading to NEMBAfest this weekend where we could do the exchange?

    Back story on the build: I took an old Trek Y and built it up single speed thanks to the old URT design. I tried to get as weird as possible so its currently set up as a 69er with disc in the front and V-brake in the rear. It has an 'interesting' ride feel. I'm looking to make it a bit less goofy and possibly take it to an XC race or two so I need some parts that can still be ridden hard without falling apart.


    I found an adapter to take the old 22mm direct mount to IS so the wheels don't need to be ready for rim brakes. Ideally an 80mm fork would probably work best but 100mm would probably work too. Anything more and things would probably get weird again.

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    I have a crossmax/trail ust set that are rim brake only not sure if that helps
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      Thanks but I think I'd like to go disc and I might have a line on an Easton One SS wheelset from another thread (hopefully).


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        I can help.

        I've got an 80mm travel 02 SID Race that I'm trying to sell, an 01 or 02 Judy XL if you'd like to go 100mm, as well as several Hayes 22mm setups if you'd like to get authentic and avoid the 22mm rear adapter. I've even got a NOS one that would be pricey but perfect.

        PM me here if you're interested.

        Sweet ride...I've got a Mantra that I've used for SS and it was fun. Love that year's Trek Y frames...98? That was the year I got hooked.
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          Looks like I've got the wheels sourced. Anyone else have a 26er fork they are willing to part with? Figured there would be all kinds of options on Craigslist but the pickings seem a bit light right now. I know someone is hiding out there with something perfect that is just collecting dust....


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            I have a RockShox SID SL, 80 mm travel, circa 2002. Disc & rim brake compatible, 184 mm of steerer tube. Needs a rebuild, wipers, and rebound adjust knob, but the lowers are bright red to match the decals on that Y frame


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              Damn I think the steer tube might be just a tad short. Currently running more like 191mm and the stem is slammed, no risers. Head tubes on those Y's were pretty beefy. A lower stack headset might get me there but I'm not sure if I want to get into so much parts swapping with this build.

              Wipers are probably no problem but is it still easy to find parts like a rebound adjuster knob for an '02 SID? I don't have a lot of experience with suspension (I've ridden rigid exclusively for the past 4-5 years)

              Would be pretty sweet with the red lowers though...