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58cm road bike

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  • 58cm road bike

    I am looking for a used road bike. I think a 58cm would work, possibly a 60cm (I'm a road newbie on the road, but I can check geometry against what I think I need). I have a budget of $1000. I'm willing to travel an hour or so to buy - I live in Northern CT.

    Anyone have anything?
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    Going over to the dark side, hey John? Don't ignore cyclocross bikes in your size; with a swap to smooth tires, they ride just as well as road bikes in my opinion, and have clearance for bigger tires and fenders. 28mm tires ride much better than 23s


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      I am selling a bunch of non-bike stuff on Craigslist, I was prepared to use the funds to build up a Honzo, but my wife rightly pointed out that I would ride a road bike more often than a hardtail. She's totally right. I have a road bike on loan right now and I really do enjoy riding it.
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        The cyclocross bike idea is very good. That's just what I did.


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          Pm sent


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            Jesse at Dave's Bike Infirmary has been pumping out some nice steel-framed road rigs. Nicely built and painted, with decent components. I can get some specs and pics if you want, and/or you can call them 617-696-6123.
            I think some may go for under 1k, depending on the parts.
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              Did you ever get a bike??

              PM sent


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                Your mailbox is full. Got some info for you.