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  • Karate Monkey

    I broke a frame and am looking for a more durable replacement. Looking for a karate monkey frame, size med, or possible large.
    I'm located in CT, but will pay for reasonable shipping.

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    I might have what you need. It's the old version KM frame (thicker tubes) with a killer custom headbadge. It's a large, but is slightly tight for me at 6' 1". Just got a niner one9 and the KM was sitting so I parted it out. Have some of the parts still (salsa rigid fork, xt crankset, bb, Rampages) if you need any of those. Was hoping to sell frame for $75 or so - will include other parts for cheap. NOTE - frame has no headset. I'm on Cape Cod, will ship. Have pics if interested.


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      Any problems, major dents or scratches on the frame? How many years was the frame used? I'm 6' 0" so the large should work.
      Did you get the Air 9 Carbon? I had a Soma Juice which I broke. So I'm looking to replace that frame and buy a whole new bike. I'm looking at the Air 9 Carbon. Do you like the Niner stuff?


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        No problems with the frame at all. No dents I don't think, though I can check closer later today. Paint's a bit dull, and some scuffs. It has many many miles on it. Been a super-reliable year-round bike for me for the last 6/7 years. Commuted on it (most of my commute is on trails), raced it (even won on it), rode it rigid and as a HT - and it was great in every application. Love the geometry - always felt perfectly balanced and comfortable. Steel rides so nice on singletrack. It was a tiny bit small for me, but I think it would probably fit you perfect as I'm closer to 6'2" than 6'1".

        I'm getting more into racing, so I got a 2010 Niner One9 used off ebay. Lefty fork, I9 wheels. Fast bike. The geo is a bit more aggressive than the KM, but I'm used to it now and love it for racing. Would LOVE an Air9 Carbon, but I already have a carbon (Specialized) geared HT. Plus I have two little kids, so my wife would kill me if I spent that much on a bike. I'm pretty new to Niner, but very happy so far.

        Here's some pics of the KM:


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