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WTB: 26" single speed rear wheel - rim brake

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  • WTB: 26" single speed rear wheel - rim brake

    Looking for a not-too-used rim brake compatible, single-speed rear wheel with a wide-ish rim (suitable for ~2.3-2.5 tires). Got anything?

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    I've got a Surly flip/flop SS hub laced to a Sun Rhyno Lite, with about 1.5 seasons on it. Still in good shape, and I ran a Panaracer Fire FR 2.4 on it so it's plenty wide enough. I was using it as my winter wheel (meaning I left my studded tire on it) for the past 3 years, but in that time I've only used it twice so I guess I'd be interested in selling it. If that's too used, I might be willing to sell my Hadley SS / Mavic 819 wheel if only because it would mean I'd get to build another one I've run a 2.35 Fat Albert UST on that with no sealant and less air loss than my front wheel that has a tube in in. What are you looking to spend? I'm in seacoast NH if it matters.
    Alright, bike. Who's riding who here?????


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      looks promising. PM sent. Anyone else looking to offload a wheel?