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  • Kids bike, 20in wheel...

    I am looking for a decent 20 in. wheeled bike, with hand brakes and some gears(rear only).
    The boy is out growing the 16" coaster.
    Thanks for any leads.
    Dave K.

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    I think I'm getting my son a Gary Fisher Precaliber SS. No suspension and no gears. I don't think he needs either and would just frustrate him. He looks huge on the 16" bike now. I heard the bike weighs about 19lbs. Everything with suspension and gears weighs a lot more. A nice bike I did see was the Marin Hidden Canyon 20 but my wife says too much money. It was light and had gears (front/rear) and a really soft fork. Some of the forks on the bikes are impossible to move. One guy told me they are trying to make the bike more efficient for the kids, I said a rigid fork would be lighter and more efficient then wouldn't it. He laughed.