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Pedals and Hydro Disk Brakes

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  • Pedals and Hydro Disk Brakes

    I am on the hunt for a new set of pedals and hydro disk brakes. Here is what I am looking for:

    I am looked for a set of Shimano m647 or m424 pedals (resin cages) that are in good shape. I am not worried about scratches and things but they have to be functional.

    Disk Brakes:
    Looking for a set of pre-bled disk brakes. I only need the levers, lines and calipers but the disks would be helpful as well if they are in good shape. Juicy 7's, Juicy 5's or Elixirs would be my preference but I could also go for Hayes Stroker as long as they are the Trail version or higher (no Stroker Rydes please). They will be going on a large 29er frame so the hoses need to be decently long.

    Let me know what you got, folks. Thanks.


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    I think my friend John might be selling a set of Juicy 7s, I'll forward him this.


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      Chris make sure the rear brake hose is more than 1800mm long. Large 29ers almost always need to have longer lines than stock. Especially if the routing isn't direct. Like Specialized Stumpy 29ers. They need almost 2000mm.
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