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  • 650b front wheel/rim

    I am thinking about going 650b on at least the front of my C'dale Rush. I have ordered a slightly longer rear shock and plan to modify the swing arm on the back to bring the back end up a bit. The result should be better roll over, slightly higher BB and steeper HTA and a little plusher in the back. It should be fun.

    I am looking for an inexpensive 650b QR front wheel or rim. Deore hub/Sun eq27 rim is the price point I will be looking at if I go new. Even a cheap, used hub might be useful.

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    Hey, if you had a Prophet you could do front/back with no mods At some point I may try it on mine.

    Check the MTBR web site and you may find something or maybe Dave at Rockland Cycle. I think he's played around with some 650B stuff and may have something. Last time I was in there he had a 650B Velocity rim we were playing with. Perhaps he would unload it for a decent price. Not to mention he's a good wheel builder.

    I was thinking about getting a used small Rush for my daughter. What do you think, good idea? They are a bit heavy but I think I could get it down to the 27lb range without going crazy. What's yours weigh?


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      There are people putting 650b front and back on the rush as well, but the 2.35x650b doesn't fit well. Since the 2.1x650b isn't actually much taller than the 2.35x26 that I am running now, and I like the the 28psi that I can get away with now in the back I don't want to change that.

      I have no idea what my bike weighs. I'm 6'2" and 210# so I don't get too fussed about a few pounds +/- on a bike. I really love to ride my rush, but it was my first new bike in 10-yrs, replacing a hardtail with rim brakes and an elastomer fork. Needless to say I find it amazing.


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        Inquire with the guys at about a front wheel. They are very 650b friendly!


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          The Prophet works well with 650b wheels, I slapped the wheelset from my Beasely on my Cannondale for a few rides and liked it quite a bit. The Prophet is an awesome all 'rounder.

          BTW - If anyone wants a large 2008 Prophet 3 frame, and a QR Fox Vanilla R let me know. I haven't listed mine yet but will soon. Likely selling the frame, fork, headset, front derailleur and seat post collar for ~ $600 (350 frame, 250 fork). I just rebuilt the fork in late October (new wiper seals and oil).
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