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Rear wheel for sale or recommondations?

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  • Rear wheel for sale or recommondations?

    The rear wheel on my Cannondale Prophet is just about dead after 4 seasons. So I'm looking for a disc compatible wheel that is light (<1000g) but strong enough for moderate jumps/drops (5' max). Right now I'm looking at the Mavic Crosstrail disc. Does anyone have one to sell, have experience with the wheel, or have any other recommondations?


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    One thing on the Mavics - if you go with one, see if they're still doing the warrantee pay a percentage extra and they cover them for a couple years for pretty much anything you can possible do to them besides having them stolen. I've got a couple free rebuilds w/ fresh rims and spokes already after trashing the originals; pretty sweet deal.
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      I think thats a great point Slappy; Mavic is I *think* the only company that will service there pre-built wheels. You also have to run there hub on there pre-builts; so if you decide to get a 20mm up front you will also need to get a new rim. One of my friends just ran in to that with one of there wheels sets...


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        OK, now I REALLY need a new rear wheel. Mine has started skipping and is only getting worse. At first I thought it was just jumping gears but now it is clear the freewheel is letting go.

        So anyone have a wheel to sell me?


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          can you just replace the freehub body? if it is shimano, the freehub is ~$35.


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            Well, the rim is dented and out of true, and the bearings are grinding. On top of that it seems like I'm breaking one of the non straight pull spokes once a month. Five seasons is enough for one wheel.