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I bought a frame, I need almost everything!

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  • I bought a frame, I need almost everything!

    I bought an Airborne lucky strike. It came with a seat collar. That's it.

    I need almost everything else. This is going to be a learning experience. hahaha.

    I'm looking to build this thing up as a nice, light XC bike.

    I might just buy a build kit, not sure yet.

    I'd be interested in almost any bike parts that will fit. I'll post the necessary steerer tube length later today. I'd really like a decent XC fork. Preferably air sprung, but I'm open.

    Also, I need a wheelset. I'm building this up disk, so that would be desirable.

    Used anything? I'm buying!

    Bike Thieves Suck.

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    Congrats on the purchase and building a bike can be a great/fun thing!! A few questions as you start to get to what people may have to offer.
    Seatpost size + est length.
    I am not familiar with the frame is it a 4"? So are you looking for a 100mm fork? Maybe adjustable??
    Cable/hydraulic brakes? Or either?
    I will try to post up a little later with a few things I have that you might like.

    Have fun with it!!


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      Thanks for the reply

      Thanks for the reply,

      I am looking for something in the 100mm range. I think that is what the LS is designed for. The seatpost is 27.2, I'm not sure about the length I'd like.

      The bike is set up for hydraulic brakes. I think I might buy the used wheel set on this site for now.

      Yeah I'm going to clean it up and wax/protect it now and then move on starting to gather up parts.

      I'm excited, it'll be a good project and learning experience for me!


      Bike Thieves Suck.


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        Check your PM

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          I have a set of Mavic Crossland wheels that I can sell you for $125. They can be used with rim or 6-bolt disc brakes. They are in MINT condition.


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            Check your PMs.


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              willing to sell components taken off a damaged frame: Shimano LX shifter/brake lever combo with LX front der. and XT rear der., LX hydraulic brakes, Rock Shox Revelation dual air chamber fork with remote lock-out, and Ario 2.1 rear shock, Fizik saddle, Mavik 317 wheels. $550 for all or will consider selling piecemeal.


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                Check pm